Norway’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs visits Tanzania Domestic Biogas Programme

Friday, March 11, 2016|Number of views (8013)|Categories: News, Announcements

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The Norwegian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Tone Skogen visited the Domestic Biogas Programme (TDBP) as part of her official visit to Tanzania. Ms. Skogen was able to visit one of the 184 biogas plants constructed with support from Norway through REA in the first two months of 2016.

The visit took place in the village of Kipande Ngwavele in Meru District, Arusha region. Impressed with the results achieved so far, she particularly stressed the importance of biogas to improve health conditions of women by using this clean energy source.

The Norwegian Ambassador to Tanzania, Mrs. Hanne-Marie Kaarstad, remarked the contribution of biogas in avoiding deforestation –a cooperation area in Norwegian support to Tanzania- due to reduced use of firewood and charcoal for cooking. Asked by the Deputy Minister, the manager of OSES company who constructed the biogas plant, confirmed to her that biogas is good business for him, and sales are only expected to increase with the investment discount provided by the Norwegian Government through REA.

On REA’s behalf, Mrs. Justina Uisso indicated that off-grid energy is an important priority for the Tanzania government, and biogas for clean cooking a keen alternative REA is glad to support. Indeed, Mrs. Sarah Kaaya, the owner of the biogas plant, confirmed that the use of firewood and charcoal will be history now that she is able to cook with clean gas.

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